I’ll Check In With Your Furry Friends

1-2 Dogs:

  • ½ Hour $20 

  • 1 Hour $30

  • + $5 Each Additional Dog

1-2 Cats

  • ½ Hour $15  

  • 1 Hour $25

  • + $5 Each Additional Cat

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$30 fee for Overnight Stays On Holidays, Day before Holidays, and day after Holidays

20% Fee On Holidays For Other Services

$25 To or From Vet During A Drop In Visit, Otherwise Included In Overnight Price

$20 If Payment Does Not Clear

$10 For Key Pick Up Or Drop Off

$15 For Cancelled or Additional Meet and Greets, First is Free

All Prices Are Subject To change. The price is based on the information given at the meet and greet. It may change if the information is disproved and the animals true nature is revealed.** For example, if you say that your pet is house trained but has more than 2 accidents in the home per day for multiple consecutive days without illness, I would no longer consider this a house trained animal and the price per night would go to that of a special needs animal.


24 Hours Of In-Your-Home Care; Noon To Noon

Reduce Separation Anxiety

One Dog $75

  • Multiple dogs $50 each

Special Needs Dogs $75 (Not potty trained, aggressive, destructive, behavioral issues, puppy under a year old, needs extensive medical care)

1-2 Cats $75

  • Each Additional Indoor Only Cat: $30

  • Each Additional Indoor/ Outdoor Cat: $25

  • Each Additional Outdoor Only Cat: $20

Exotic Animals: $15 For Group (such as parrot, tortoise, chickens)

Farm Animals: $25 for 45 minutes of care

Fish: $5 per tank

Each Hour Added Onto An Overnight Stay: $10

Please note, if you have more than one animal, the price of all the animals goes down to the additional pet price!

**For example: if the home has 2 dogs, 3 outdoor cats and 5 chickens the price would be $50 per dog, $20 per cat and $15 for the lot of chickens for a total of $175 per 24 hours.






I’ll Happily Watch Your Pets in your home for a Few Hours

First Hour:

1-2 Dogs:

  • ½ Hour $20 

  • 1 Hour $30

  • + $5 Each Additional Dog

1-2 Cats

  • ½ Hour $15  

  • 1 Hour $25

  • + $5 Each Additional Cat

$10 Each Additional Hour

Pain-Free Injection & Medication Administration

**Not to exceed the overnight price, no babysitting will cost more than an overnight stay at that household


$25 Driving To/From Groomer, Training, etc. This Includes A 15 Minute Wait Time - $5 Per 15 Min Thereafter 


If The Stay Exceeds 7 Consecutive Days, The Price Is Reduced By 10%

$5 Discount For Cats- All Nails Trimmed (Overnights Only)

No Discounts Applicable On Holidays (please see list of holidays). Only One Discount, Coupon or Special can be used at a time, no combined offers.

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Refund Policy

There Are No refunds unless the pet is deceased or I cancel. Refunds come as a credit to the company to be used for services in the future and have a 6 month expiration date.