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Care Options

Drop-In Visits from 30-60 minutes

Furr Baby Sitting from 2 hours or more or additional hours added to an overnight stay

Overnight Stays in your home from noon to noon. (16 hours minimum; I may leave for short periods of time to help other pets in need of my care)

Any of the services below can be included in the above care plans as long as there is time. For example a 45 minute walk must be done during a 60 min drop in, so that the rest of the services such can be completed.

I aim to stick to your schedule including wake up, bed time, walks, meals, snacks, naps, medication, etc.

  • Keep pets as happy and comfortable as possible by keeping routine consistent

  • Send progress photos, videos, and texts so that the pet parent can rest assured that their pet is safe, happy, and healthy

  • Spoil pets with plenty of playtime, exercise, and attention 

  • Provide enrichment and basic training

  • Care for animals with short notice due to family emergencies

  • Put dogs in crate at instructed time

  • Bring deliveries under 50 lbs in from porch to avoid theft or damage by rain

  • Free initial one hour meet and greet

  • Walks/ exercise

  • Supervised Potty breaks

  • Home security check

  • Oral medication administration

  • Fluid therapy as prescribed by a Veterinarian

  • Subcutaneous injections

  • Prepare meals as directed

  • Pay close attention to detail to pet’s well-being including appetite, behavior, activity level

  • Open communication with vet as needed

  • Preoperative or post-op care

  • Administer supplements as directed

  • Pour out and refill water daily

  • Clean kennels and food dishes for a sanitary enclosure

  • Let dogs in and out of house

  • Clean up pet messes

  • Walk for instructed duration and route

  • Wipe pet’s eyes with moist paper towel

  • Brush hair

  • Dry dogs off with a towel when it rains

  • Assure that gate is shut at all times

  • Water plants around home

  • Bring in and put out garbage cans on specific days

  • Communicate with lawn maintenance workers about dogs and property

  • Lift 45 pound bag of dog food to refill container

  • Use same commands as pet parent to communicate effectively with dogs

  • Reinforce training through practice

  • Provide mental stimulation through play

  • Give pre-approved treats as directed by client

  • Love, affection, petting, cuddling, scratching

  • Talk to, sing to, play music for, turn on/off tv

  • Clean home to same state as arrival

  • Home presence for house maintenance workers such as pool cleaner, exterminator, gardener, house keeper, etc.

  • Use of natural remedies to alleviate anxiety such as cbd treats, hemp oil, rescue remedy, and essential oils

Additional Services Available

  • Transportation to and from vet in case of emergency, to and from wedding as arranged

  • Sub Q injections

  • Reiki to alleviate pain or discomfort

  • Dog and Cat CPR and First Aid

  •  Can attend training classes with pup