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Leave Your Pet With Confidence & Peace Of Mind!



Melinda is very thorough. I could tell Chloe & Remy really enjoyed being with her...lots of tail wagging going on. Melinda did a fabulous job in taking care of them.
— Carol C.


Melinda was very responsive to the furr-babies. I felt confident when I was away.
— Jaynette B.



Melinda is great, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a stay over pet sitter! When we met before her stay, I was impressed by her thorough questionnaire and note taking; she is a true professional and takes her responsibilities very seriously, which I found very comforting. I got to see her interact with my pets, and we carefully reviewed everything she would need to do during her stay. By the end of our meeting, I felt 100% confident she would take great care of my dog, two cats, and fish! I had been stressed about leaving them all for so long, but knowing Melinda would be with them made me feel so much better! She stayed at our house for 8 nights, and I loved getting her daily texts with photos (I’ve attached a few of the pics she took to this post!) or videos of my fur babies! All of them seemed to take to her quickly, which made me happy! Melinda is also very resourceful; a few things went wrong at the house (e.g. the garage door battery decided to start beeping on the second day of her stay), and she was able to fix any problems quickly on her own. She also left the house neat and clean, which I really appreciated. Next time we need a pet sitter, I will definitely use Melinda. She truly exceeded my expectations across the board, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
— Christine S.





Annie and Remy

On top of everything. Excellent service.
— George D.


Panda and Lou

We had Melinda babysit our 2 small dogs while we were in Europe earlier this year. She did a fantastic job. Her work quality, dedication to our pets and her daily text updates, made us feel very relaxed knowing our doggies would be loved and cared for. We were able to enjoy ourselves in Europe. We love Melinda so much and trust her completely that we have already booked her for June, 2019!! Highly recommend Melinda.
— Rebecca B.

Melinda is all we could ever ask for in a pet sitter and more! Not only is she very easy to communicate with but she treats our dogs like they are her own. We never have to worry about anything when we travel. Melinda moves right in when we need to head out and takes care of not only our dogs, but she also gets our mail, waters our plants and makes sure our property remains secure while we are gone. She is extra cautious of the food allergies that exist in our house as well. Whether our travel takes us to the other side of the world, the other side of the country, or just a couple hours away we know we can trust Melinda has things covered. The pictures and videos we receive from Melinda while we travel are an added plus, especially for a mom like me that has trouble leaving her “babies”. You also can’t beat coming home to a clean house and happy pets! Our two huskies can get a bit upset when they know we are leaving, but when Melinda comes over they are totally fine with us leaving. If she can handle our two crazy huskies I am sure she can handle anything!
— Jessica S.

Kaiya and Aurora



Melinda house sat my two dogs while I was out of the country for 10 days. She was absolutely excellent throughout the whole process. From the consultation, to sending photos/updates, gathering mail, being professional, and showing up on time. Melinda was even nice enough to stay an extra day with my dogs until Thanksgiving when I missed my connecting flight in Stockholm because of snow. Couldn’t be more happy to have found Melinda and love her passion.
— Laura N.



Melinda exceeds 5 stars! She was awesome. She took great care of our Gracie and our home. She gave me updates and sent me pictures throughout our trip. It felt so nice to know we left our dog in good hands, plus she works for a vet! Melinda even noticed a small bump on Gracie (we had already had it checked out by our vet) and suggested we have it looked at- that showed me she was in tune to our dog and really cared. She left our home spotless and also left us a detailed daily log of her stay. She even left Gracie some special homemade dog treats. I would definitely recommend Melinda! Looking forward to having her back for our future vacations.
— Dianne T.

Melinda took wonderful care of our two Great Pyrenees and our home while we were on vacation. She sent pictures of our pups to us everyday with an update, and funny stories, of how they were all getting along. Melinda is very personable and professional, I would highly recommend her. We have already booked her for future house sitting!
— Dianne B.


WORTH EVERY PENNY!! We needed someone to stay at our house and take care of our dog, for a week, while we were out of town for our big wedding day. From the beginning, Melinda was very professional and I could tell right away she cared about our dog, Merrick. Her experience was a huge benefit, which actually helped us prepare to leave Merrick at home for the first time. Melinda did and amazing job; both Merrick and the house were in great shape when we returned. The biggest day of my life was stress free because of Melinda’s hard work. I already have her rebooked for when my wife and I go out of the country for our honeymoon.
— Chris C.


This was our 2nd time using Melinda, and she is amazing. She did another fantastic job taking care of our dog and our house while we were out of the country! We will see her again next time.
— Chris C.



Melinda has been the perfect companion and walker for our two pitbull mixes. She has a background in veterinary assisting and is highly trained in working with all different types of animals. Our girls love her and get super excited when she comes over, which is a testimony to how attentive and kind she is to them when we aren’t around. Our girls are very high energy and difficult to walk due to their size and high prey drive, but Melinda has never had any problems handling them by herself. She takes the time to ensure that they are nice and tired out when she walks them, instead of fulfilling the minimum walk time as many professional dog walkers do. We trust Melinda with our girls whenever we go out of town and know that they will not only be physically safe and well, but given plenty of affection and love as well while we are gone. I would highly recommend Melinda to anyone looking for a responsible, personable, and competent person to care for their animals.
— Callie W.